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Industry 4.0 project at DHI CoE in Advanced Manufacturing Technology, IIT Khragpur Project 2


Industry Partner: TATA Sons

Capital Goods and Engineering sector in India including machine tool sector, Earth moving and mining equipment, heavy electrical equipment etc. is expected to grow at 17%. It is undeniable that Capital Goods and Engineering sector demands for preparedness by striving towards operational excellence as companies follow a range of strategies. One increasingly popular option, under growing global competition and thrust towards make-in-India, is to invest in Digital Manufacturing Sector. Towards this end, globally companies are leveraging Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) to improve their supply chain, manufacturing operating efficiency, predictive maintenance capability and inventory optimization. General Electricals estimating that Industrial Internet has potential to add $15 trillion to global GDP over the next 20 years. According to Gartner, IoT product and service supplier is set to generate revenue exceeding $300 billion by 2020. Further, IDC forecasts suggest that worldwide market for IoT solutions will grow to $7.1 trillion in 2020. Thus, there is a little doubt on the potential that this industry holds. Despite a lot of interest in implementation of IoT based technologies, this market at least in industrial sector is in its infancy with only 12% penetration. The IoT India Leaders outlook survey, which is the focus of this study, conducted a total of 33 online interviews in the month of March 2017, among key decision makers in IoT industry in India. Key challenges, as reported by 2017 IoT Indian leaders outlook survey, faced by Indian companies in adopting IoT based solution is shown in Figure below.


Vision of this project is “Leveraging emerging IoT technologies that has ability to connect different assets/parts of manufacturing life-cycle through data and utilize that information to make better and efficient business decisions”.

This would provide heavy industry sector in achieving process excellence while making maximum use of the technological capabilities.


To better understand the future of smart factories in India, we have collaborated with Tata Sons as our industrial partner. We have recognized four major objectives that needs to be studied to provide end-to-end holistic view. To understand, build a framework and analyze the solution for

Looking at Indian IoT ecosystem, it is undeniable that industrial community is looking for better Proof-ofConcept to embrace IoT based services. This is especially true with legacy MSMEs. Thus, this project can be seen as an important game changer. For experimentation and demonstration, we have set up a Smart Manufacturing Lab at DHI Center of Excellence at IIT Kharagpur. The lab provides a test-bed to develop frameworks for identified objectives. We also intend to improve any abstraction in this platform with time and realization of real system through our collaborative project with industries. This lab has bench size (miniature) version of following Machine and Equipment:

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