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About CoEAMT

A unique platform for collaborative, consortium-driven infusion of advanced technologies in manufacturing

The CoEAMT has been established at IIT Kharagpur through the support of the Ministry of Heavy Industries, GoI, along with a consortium of top industry members in the country.

The center aims to foster innovation in manufacturing smart machines within the capital goods sector by integrating diverse industries. It promotes synergistic collaboration to achieve goals such as pioneering advanced technologies and developing sustainable, high-productivity products at lower costs.

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The Centre of Excellence has the lofty ambition of positioning itself as one of the primary knowledge centers on advanced manufacturing in the country. The broad objectives of the centre are as follows:

  • Revitalizing Indian manufacturing with technology interventions
  • Innovating in materials, processes, technologies, and integrating academic rigor into industry practices
  • Promoting IIoT, intelligent manufacturing, robotics, and automation
  • Fostering indigenization and innovation in manufacturing with SME involvement
  • Collaborating internationally to leverage global expertise
  • Providing industry skilling and nurturing a startup culture
  • Securing Intellectual Property through IP protection and licensing
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Message from Surjya K Pal, Chairperson

CoEAMT empowers future leaders with advanced skills, fostering collaboration between academia and industry to drive technological innovation and sustainability.

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