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Sl. No. Patent Details Year
  • Copyright name: AI Enabled NDT System
  • Inventors: Gulshan, R., Paswan, U., Pal, S. K., Mukherjee, A.
  • Diary no.: 21253/2023-CO/SW
  • Certified by: Indian Register of Shipping (Certificate no.: 2023PC001)
  • IRS certificate
  • Associated industry: GRSE
  • Patent name: A method and system for automatically detecting weld defects in ultrasonic Time-of-Flight Diffraction (ToFD)
  • Inventors: Vishwanathan, A. K., Dutta, A., Mukherjee, A., Pal, S. K.
  • Filed ref no.: 202331060331
  • Patent no.: 529585
  • Patent certificate
  • Associated organization: TIH
  • Patent name: An automated system for fuse box assembly inspection and fault detection and a method thereof
  • Inventors: Ghosh, S., Mypati, O., Nayak, P., Pal, S. K.
  • Filed ref no.: 202331009507
  • Patent name: An automated system for printed circuit board inspection and fault detection and a method thereof
  • Inventors: Srinivasan, A., Mypati, O., Pal, S. K.
  • Filed ref no.: 202331011502
  • Patent name: Low-cost real-time machine vision based quality inspection system
  • Inventors: Banerjee, A., Mishra, D., Nayak, P., Pal, S. K., Chakravarty, D.
  • Filed ref no.: 202031050404
  • Patent name: Method and system for multi sensor fusion using transfer learning
  • Inventors: Kumar, K., Majumdar, A., Chandra M. G., Kumar, A., Mishra, D., Pal, S. K.
  • Filed ref no.: 202021036163
  • Associated industry: TCS
  • Patent name: A System for Real Time Monitoring, Prediction and Control of Weld Quality in Friction Stir Welding
  • Inventors: Mishra, D., Pal, S. K., Gupta, A., Raj, P., Kumar A., Anwer S., Chakravarty, D., Pal, S., Chakravarty, T., Pal, A., Misra, P., and Misra, S.
  • Filed ref no.: 202031000072
  • Patent no.: 517687
  • Patent certificate
  • Associated industry: TCS
  • Patent name: System for real-time monitoring and controlling friction stir welding
  • Inventors: Pal, S. K., Rohan Basu, R., Singh, A. K., Barua, A., Kumar, A., Ghosh, A., Majumdar, S., Riya, Mishra, D., and Pal, S.
  • Filed ref no.: 201831024813
  • Patent no.: 537304
  • Patent certificate
  • Patent name: Real time surface defect analysis and correction in friction stir welding process by image processing
  • Inventors: Pal, S. K., Khan, A. R., Ranjan, R., Parikh, C., Pal, S., Chakravarty, D., Maiti, A.
  • Filed ref no.: 201831035477
  • Patent no.: 514971
  • Patent certificate